Foot care provides full-scale treatment for various foot and ankle problems, from bunions and hammertoe to fallen arches and diabetic wounds. At Family Foot & Ankle Center in Upland, California, the board-certified foot and ankle surgeons provide high-quality podiatry care to people of all ages. Whether you want to update your custom-fitted orthotics or need wound care for slow-healing diabetic ulcers, the Family Foot & Ankle Center team can help. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

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What is professional foot care?

The Family Foot & Ankle Center team uses professional foot care to diagnose, treat, and prevent common foot and ankle problems. As board-certified foot and ankle surgeons, the providers have extensive training in all aspects of podiatry care.

What does foot care include?

The Family Foot & Ankle Center team offers several types of professional foot care, including:

Treatment of common foot and ankle problems

Foot and ankle problems like bunions, hammertoe, and plantar fasciitis can be crippling and keep you from your favorite activities. The Family Foot & Ankle Center team regularly treats these and other problems, taking a conservative, minimally invasive approach.


Custom-fitted orthotics (prescription shoe inserts) are designed to support your feet. The team provides several types, including soft and rigid orthotics. They also carry the Balance Brace gauntlet device, designed to prevent falls and support balance in elderly patients, and ankle foot orthotics (AFOs).

Wound care

Many people with diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD) often suffer from slow-healing ulcers on their feet, toes, and ankles. Wound care provides wound cleaning, dressing, and debridement to lower the risks of infection and promote healing.

Sports medicine

Runners, athletes, and other active people are vulnerable to foot and ankle injuries, like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and turf toe. Sports medicine uses patient education and manual therapies like massage to prevent injuries. It also provides physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, and other minimally invasive treatments to promote healing.

Who should consider professional foot care?

Schedule professional foot care at Family Foot & Ankle Center if you have:

  • Growths like warts on your feet
  • Foot pain
  • Cracks, cuts, or open wounds
  • Scaling or peeling on the soles of your feet
  • Difficulty walking and other routine activities

Getting checked out is necessary, even if your symptoms are mild. Many foot and ankle problems get worse with time. Diagnosis and treatment lower the risks of complications, ensuring that you stay mobile and active.

What can I expect at a foot care appointment?

Your Family Foot & Ankle Center provider reviews your medical records, asks about your symptoms, and completes a podiatry exam. They order diagnostic imaging like X-rays or an MRI and assess your gait (how you walk). These steps help determine the best treatment.

Call Family Foot & Ankle Center today to schedule a professional foot care appointment, or book your visit online.